PR Card and Canadian Citizenship

Maintain your PR status documents and learn about Canadian citizenship

When becoming a permanent resident of Canada IRCC will provide you with a Confirmation of Permanent Residence document,  and you will be issued a PR card, which can be used as your official proof of status in Canada. You require to carry the PR card with you when you travel outside Canada, and to be able to reenter the country as a permanent resident. After years of residing in Canada as a permanent resident if you meet all necessary requirements you will be able to obtain Canadian citizenship.

PR Card renewal – The PR cards are usually issued for five (5) years and must be renewed I na timely manner. You should never have your PR card expire, because it is not recommended to leave Canada without your valid document. You an apply to renew your PR card within 9 months prior to  expiry or anytime after that. Important to know even if your PR card expires your status as a permanent resident remains.


Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) – if your PR card expired and you have not received your new PR card yet you should not leave Canada. In some emergency situations you will have no choice but to go. In these cases you’ll have to obtain a PRTD at the closest Canadian visa office outside Canada. The application can only be submitted once you have left Canada and you won’t be able return until the PRTD is issued for you by the visa office.


Canadian Citizenship


Application for Canadian Citizenship – If you are a permanent resident of Canada and have lived in Canada for at least 1095 days in the last 5 years, filed your taxes (if applicable), are able to prove your English or French language skills (if applicable) and pass the citizenship test (if applicable) you can become a Canadian citizen. On your application form you will have to account for all your travels outside Canada in the last five. (5) years, so make sure to keep records of your international travels. 

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Proof of citizenship (Citizenship Certificate) – When you become a Canadian citizen by naturalization you will receive a Canadian citizenship certificate as official proof of your status. You can use this document to apply for a Canadian passport, pension, social insurance number etc. If you lose or accidentally destroy this document you will need to replace it by submitting an application for proof of citizenship. 


Search of citizenship records – in order to confirm a Canadian citizenship status you can submit a request to Search of citizenship records.