Become an international student in Canada and kickstart your future.

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Canada’s internationally accepted education system provides you with a world of opportunities. In 2020 Canada ranked 3rd globally in foreign student attraction. As an international student in Canada you have the option to complete secondary, post-secondary or postgraduate educational programs offered by accredited learning institutions. In the recent years IRCC reported over 640,000 international students at all levels.


Study permit – As a foreign national you need to obtain a study permit prior to attending any educational program (exemptions apply). You have to meet the admission requirements of the  Designated Learning Institution of your choice. Once you are accepted into the program you can submit your application for a study permit. You will have to show proof that you will be able to take care of all of your expenses, while studying. Having a study permit will allow you to work limited amount of hours, while studying to be able to provide for yourself. Spouses of international students are eligible to obtain an open work permit for the duration of the study permit.


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Study permit extension – If your current study permit is reaching its validity soon, an extension request must be submitted prior to the expiry date, in order to maintain your status as a student.

 Restoration – If your study permit expired and no extension request was submitted prior to the expiry of your document, you are now out of status in Canada. An application to restore your status must be submitted or you will have to leave Canada.